Friday, July 6, 2012

Introducing Sara Cleveland: The Bearded Scribe's Newest Guest Scribe.

Ev'ning Beardies, 

Many apologies for my latest gap without a post--or at least a productive one :)

I will forewarn, however, that my posts will not be every day as they were for a good stretch, but will be spaced out to maybe every two or three days.  I am currently in the process of splitting my once "finished" manuscript of The Son of Drynntorm, hoping to reduce the word count as well as strengthen the plot in the process.

With that out of the way, on with the show...

I casually mentioned our newest Guest Scribe during a birthday shout-out, but--as y'all know--a casual introduction is not my style :)

Sara Cleveland and I go back many years, and like Elizabeth, she and I met my freshman year at Alma.  Actually, the three of us are quite the trio, if I do say so myself.  For as long as I've known Sara, I've known one thing above all else.  She's a bibliophile, and just as I spent my youth with my nose in a book, she has spent most of her life with hers in one as well.  As a matter of fact, whenever I would go visit her (which was daily, as her dorm room was in the adjacent "sister quad" of the unforgettable 3rd North Bruske), she would either be at her desk typing on her computer, or on her bed anxiously flipping the crisp pages of her latest literary endeavor.

Sara is not only an avid reader, but she is well-read, too.  A History major with English and Secondary Education minors, Sara spent just as much time reading for class as she did for pleasure--though I am almost positive some of the class readings were just as pleasurable :)

Please stay tuned for Sara's guest posts on The Bearded Scribe, especially her Book Spotlights in the genre of--but not limited to--Paranormal Romance.

To read more about Sara, please visit her Bio page.

Happy Scribing, 


  1. Look out, world--the trio is back together! Welcome, Sara!!

  2. So excited to have the trio back! Welcome (officially) to The Bearded Scribe!!


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