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Book Spotlight: Ennara and the Fallen Druid (Ennara #1) by Angela Myron

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It's confession time today here at The Bearded Scribe. Gather 'round. Everyone ready? Okay, here I go with my confession: I like playing MMORPG's. I know. I know. What is a classy bookworm like me doing getting my gaming on? I blame this solely on my husband who has been a gaming nerd for way longer than I've known him. I wondered what was consuming his free time and decided, if I wanted some more of his attention, I should give it a whirl. Now I find myself logging on to explore far-away, fantasy lands and to kill mystical creatures. I also like the story lines from the quests you complete while going through the game. A few of you may wonder, "Gee, Autumn, what brought about this confession today?" Well, I'm glad you asked. Today's confession is a great way to lead into my Book Spotlight because the book reminded me a lot of an online fantasy game. Wizards, mystical creatures, far-away lands, quests, just goes on and on. Enough of me and my online habit, though; onto the book...

Ennara was born with a birthmark that meant she had special magical abilities. When dark shadow creatures threaten to destroy her homeland she must travel to a sunken city to search for the legendary Sword of Gisilfrid. The Sword is the only chance there is to stop the creatures and save the land. Along her journey she must fight sea creatures, pirates and the undead to survive. Thankfully Ennara doesn't have to take the trek alone and is joined by a colorful cast of characters including her neighbor friend and wizard mentor.

Gems for Writers:
Description. One thing I want out of a book is the ability to be transported somewhere. I want to read the words on the page and see the picture in my head. Ms. Myron has a fantastic way with words that just easily picks you up and drops you in the middle of this magical place. From the forest outside Ennara's home, to the angry seas, into the sunken city, I felt like I was right there. I could feel what the characters were feeling and imagine the scene unfolding before me. Her descriptions were not heavy or overbearing, but instead painted a fantastic picture that carried me along for the ride.

Evolution of a Character. Ennara starts the story as a frightened, confused, overwhelmed 11-year-old girl. She is then thrust into an adventure she doesn't necessarily feel she's up for, both physically or magically. It was enjoyable to watch Ennara grow and evolve and become confident in herself as well as her magical abilities. She was able to learn to trust herself and follow her instincts. By the end of the story she was a confident, self assured 11-year-old girl who was ready to further her magical studies. She was no longer content to just be Ennara, she was ready to be the best Ennara she could be.


I loved this book. I loved it so much I'm going to read it to my children. Rumor has it that this book will be a FREE download (for Kindle) on November 9 & 10. I'm also super excited because Ennara's second story will be out mid-2014. Bottom line: If you're looking for a fun, fluffy, take-me-away story, you've found one here. Pick it up. Give a whirl. Let me know what you think.

Until next time...

***Ennara and the Fallen Druid (2013), by Angela Myron, is published by and copyright Stardance Publishing. It is available in stores, online (see above), and from your local public library.

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