Monday, April 1, 2013

Reading is a Writer's Strongest Tool

You hear it all the time...

In order to become a great writer, you must first read. 

Well, Beardies, it's true. A carpenter cannot build a house if they do not possess a hammer; a seamstress isn't much of a seamstress without a needle and thread; and a writer is not a writer without knowledge of the written word.

To write well, you must first know how one does so. The strongest tool a writer can put in their library (or bag of tricks if you're Hermione Granger) is a heaping stack of well-written masterpieces by the world's best authors. And the more you read, the more gems you can gather for your own writing.

Although I prefer a hardbound book over a tablet, a tablet is the only equivalent of having a magical bag to hold all your books. Now, your chance to win one is here!

Joe Warnimont is hosting a giveaway on his blog... you can win a Kindle Fire HD of your very own by simply visiting his page and entering the giveaway (FREE of charge!).

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