Monday, June 18, 2012

Joshua Hernandez: Prize In Hand

Good Afternoon Beardies :)

As you know, a contest was held on The Bearded Scribe to win an autographed copy of Michael Scott's The Enchantress.  Its winner, Joshua Hernandez, was announced to all of you the moment the contest ended, and his prize was shortly on its way.

Upon notifying Joshua of the win, I asked him--if at all possible--to send me some pictures of himself holding his prize to post on the blog. Well, Beardies, here they are in all their awesomeness, and many thanks to Joshua for obliging me with such great detailed shots of the book and the marvelous autograph inside!

Joshua Hernandez: Prize In Hand
Some VERY awesome shots of The Enchantress in all its glory!

Many thanks again to all who participated in the contest!  Keep your eye out for future contests here on The Bearded Scribe!

Happy Scribing!

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