Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Year's Reflection

Hello Beardies.

A year ago today I celebrated my 30th birthday--YIKES!--and it was a year ago today that I also vowed to finish my first manuscript and have it published by the time I turned 31.  Well, I accomplished half of it--in a little over three months from that time, nonetheless--but I failed, and have yet, to fulfill the second part of that vow (though not for lack of trying).

Now, as my 31st birthday has arrived and nearly flew by in the blink of an eye, I sit reflecting on the past year, the steps I have taken in order to pursue my writing career, and the steps I still need to take in order to continue that pursuit.

This past February, after sending out a good number of query letters to perspective agents and receiving a slew of rejection letters, I decided that perhaps if I were more connected to those within the writing world, my decision to pursue a career as a writer might be taken more seriously.  And so arose the idea of The Bearded Scribe.

In launching The Bearded Scribe, I hoped to build a community to share not only my love of the Speculative Fiction genre, but also my love of writing it.  Within that community, I hoped to connect to with all types of people from all walks of life--fans and bibliophiles, fellow writers (beginners and published ones alike), even literary agents and publishers.

So, with that said, I open the floor to all of you.  Please leave a comment below to give your feedback on The Bearded Scribe... Please tell me more about yourself and include comments as to what you have enjoyed thus far, and any suggestions as to what you hope to see in the future.  Your feedback is important to me so that I can build the community I hoped for when I launched the blog in February.  I look forward to reading all your comments.

Happy Scribing!

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