Thursday, May 31, 2012

Witches' Brew Completed! Do I Smell a Contest?

Hello Beardies,

A few posts ago, I announced that I was cooking up something good for all of you.  After days of planning and getting all my ingredients together, the Witches' Brew is complete.

If you recall my post on May 20th, I announced the release of Michael Scott's The Enchantress, which hit store shelves on May 22nd.  Before closing the post, I--half-jokingly, might I add--announced the following to all of you:
"With any luck, perhaps The Bearded Scribe will someday feature an interview with Michael Scott. If you have specific questions you'd like to see asked, please leave them in the Comment section below."
I was happily surprised the next day when I received a Direct Message on Twitter from Michael saying that he would love to do an interview.  Of course, I slung my cauldron on the fire and begin brewing immediately.

After a few messages back and forth and an email to a publicist at Random House, I finalized the details of my brew...

As a preliminary post to Michael's featured "Author Spotlight" and Interview, I decided to launch a contest.  The prize:  An Autographed copy of The Enchantress.  The winner:  selected at random from the qualifying candidates.

How to Qualify

1. In order to be considered for the prize, the contestant MUST be a registered member of The Bearded Scribe blog.  You can sign-up easily by clicking the "Join this site" link on the left sidebar.  You are then qualified.  Doing the following steps will not be considered an entry until this first step is completed.

Additional Entries

2. Once you are a member of The Bearded Scribe on Blogger/Google Connect (or if you are already), please click the links to the left to Follow The Bearded Scribe on Facebook & Twitter (or simply click the embedded links).  By following you will receive another entry (each) in the contest, but you must show that you are following because of the contest.  Otherwise, I will not be able to track the traffic.

To verify that you are Following due to the contest (or if you already Follow on Twitter and wish to enter), please reply to The Bearded Scribe with the following: "@beardedscribe Please enter me in the #beardedscribecontest-enchantress."  No exceptions will be made to be considered for an entry.

To verify that you are Following due to the contest (or if you already Follow on Facebook), please leave the following comment under the "Witches' Brew Completed" post on the page: "Please enter me in The Bearded Scribe contest to win a copy of The Enchantress."  No exceptions will be made to be considered for an entry.

3. The third and final way to gain another entry into the contest is to leave a comment on this post (on the blog) with a question that you would like to see asked during my interview with Michael Scott

(Note: repeated questions will not be considered qualifications for an entry, so please read through the other questions before submitting your own.)

It does not matter if the usernames for each of the sites match, as each entry will be considered regardless of username, providing, of course, that you are a registered member of the blog.

The contest ends at midnight on June 5th (UPDATE!!! the contest ends at midnight on June 10th), at which point I will place all entries in a randomizer software which will choose the Winner.  Remember, the more entries you have, the greater your chances are of winning.

I am excited to see how many people begin following The Bearded Scribe, and I am very excited to read all of your questions.

Good Luck to All & Happy Scribing!

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