"Last fall, I came across The Bearded Scribe and learned of Joshua’s editing services. I had previously worked with an editor that I didn’t care for, so I was immediately interested, especially considering the very reasonable rates. 
Joshua instantly sold me when he offered to edit a portion of my novel as a sample. Being the skeptic I am, I loaded my file with a few minor errors before sending it out to editors. Joshua was one of two editors to find every single error, but he charged nearly a third of the price. Agreeing to work with him was an easy choice. 
The editing process went extremely smoothly, and the finished product is extremely tight. Joshua was able to find punctuation errors (especially commas), missing words, spacing issues, homophones, and a whole host of other fixes.

At several points, I had questions or a misunderstanding of a grammar rule. Joshua not only fixed each problem, but he was able to explain why the fix was necessary. Overall, the process was very educational, and I feel confident that my next work will be far cleaner on the first draft. 
I have definitely found a great working relationship in Joshua and look forward to having his input on future projects."
~ R. S. McCoy, author of the Sparks series 
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