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We, at The Bearded Scribe, are more than happy to accept review requests from authors and/or publishers. Please note that we will be giving an honest opinion in the review—good or bad. We accept ARCs no later than one month before the book's release date so we have ample time to read and review the title. Please keep in mind that, if the book has already been released, it may take up to a month to read and write the review.
  • Digital Copies: We accept eBooks for review in the following formats: Kindle, PDF, or ePub.
  • Physical Copies: We also accept printed copies for review, but please note all sent copies will be kept by the reviewer. We accept both advanced and finished copies. If you decide to send a physical copy, all shipment fees must be funded by the author or publisher.
  • Accepted Genres: At the moment we are accepting review requests for any speculative fiction sub-genre. Please, no erotica or sexually-explicit material. Also, if the book you would like to have reviewed is part of a series, please consider sending its predecessors for a more reliable review.
If you think we would be interested in reviewing your book, please fill out the form below and we'll go from there. If the book is an ARC, your title will be added to our ARC Review List to be distributed to one of our talented reviewers for immediate reading.  If the book has already been released, you will be added to a separate list; from there, your title will be distributed to one of our reviewers as a reviewer becomes available.

{Please Note: Review Request Form will ONLY be visible below if we are currently accepting Review Requests.  We apologize for the inconvenience.}

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