Sara J. Cleveland

Growing up with her father in the Air Force meant Sara Cleveland moved around a lot as a child. In fact, she likes to say that they “played ping-pong with her familyand the Mississippi River was the net.”  By the time she turned 13, she’d lived in Alaska, Delaware, Idaho, Ohio, California, Minnesota and Michigan.

All those moves meant a lot of time in a car traveling.  Since there’s only so much sleeping you can do during daylight hours and still sleep through the night, books were an escape from staring out the window and a good way to ignore her brother asking, “Are we there yet?”  Some of her favorite books took her to far off, imagined places: Chronicles of NarniaBridge to Terabithia, and Beauty by Robin McKinley.

That love of books just kept growingand so did the piles of books in her bedroom.  She could also be found with her nose in a book between classes in high school, most of the time a trashy romance.

Sara attended Alma College, and while unpacking at the beginning of her sophomore year, she was interrupted by a young man with a goatee asking to borrow some measuring cups so he could make some coffee. That young man was Joshua Mercier (whose goatee has since transfigured into his trademark beard), and he and Sara quickly became good friends.  They were later introduced to Elizabeth Norton and things were never the same.  Elizabeth and Sara became such good friends they roomed together in Sara's final year at Alma, and they since “share” an ever-delinquent brain.  (If you find it, can you tell them where to look?)

Sara graduated from Alma with a Bachelor’s of Arts in History and intentions to teach high school history and/or English. That didn’t happen and these days Sara can be found reading Chicka Chicka Boom BoomAre You My Mother?, and other classics to a classroom of tiny ears at a childcare center in her local school district.

Sara was recently reunited with a copy of an old story she began writing while in college, which she will be continuing to add to when she gets back into the rhythm of the story.

Check for Sara's Paranormal Romance reviews, found in our Book Spotlight section, as well as posts on other topics as the opportunity presents itself.

Aside from her literary interests, Sara enjoys (and is very good at):  Singing, Stamping, and Shooting mobsters on Mafia Wars.  You can check out her crafty blog, Sara's Stamping Sanctuary to view some of her beautiful and whimsical creations.

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