Pebbles to Polish List

  • Editing and/or Grammar ErrorsA few errors in editing or grammar can escape even the best editor and are easily forgiven. However, if the editing or grammar seriously detracts from the enjoyment or flow of the story, use this.
  • Gratuitous sex, violence, profanity, action, etc.Superfluous details, unnecessary scenes, and/or elements that feel entirely out of place go here.
  • Heavy-Handed DidacticismThematic elements are well and good, but is the reader beaten over the head with a theme? Is the book “preachy?”
  • Plot HolesAre there implausible, unexplained details in the plot?
  • Unsatisfactory EndingsUse this for an ending with too many threads left loose, where it feels like the author just reached for the most convenient ending, or if the ending is too simple and pat. Before you use this pebble, though, do your research to see if a sequel, series, or companion novel is in the works. (You can usually find this information on the author’s or publisher’s website, Amazon, or GoodReads.)    
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