Katherine McKenzie

A native Tucsonan and the youngest of three, Katherine McKenzie--a Linguistics major and Mexican-American studies graduate from the University of Arizona--prefers the company of her two dogs, three cats, and her bird to most people. Kate appreciates the variety of cultures showcased in the desert. You can find her at any of the locally owned coffeeshops around town with her face burried in a book or her beloved Kindle.

Kate has known the original Bearded Scribe, Joshua, since she was fourteen or so. They met either in a Yahoo! Chatroom or on AOL Instant Messenger--that is a hotly-debated topic. She spent majority of her time as a teenager reading or chatting with her dear friend, Joshua  online. She is extremely happy that Facebook finally served a purpose by helping her reconnect with someone she adores.

Kate loves to read; she spent every night as a child having her gregarious mother read aloud in her brothers’ room (her mom would do different voices for each character). With no censoring in her childhood, her mother allowed her to read anything--and thusly, Kate developed an on-going love affair of mystery novels. Kate is somewhat new to the speculative fiction drama, she has never read the Lord of the Rings trilogy, nor is she a high fantasy kind of gal. She considers Martin Millar, Neil Gaiman, Charlaine Harris, Nicole Peeler, Ben Aaronovitch, Patricia Briggs, Jacqueline Carey, and too many more to list as her favorite speculative fiction authors. 

Kate is currently toying with a few different ideas for books and has yet to commit anything to paper.

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