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Currently, I'm looking for people to fill the following position(s): 

Book Reviewer: The Bearded Scribe is always seeking passionate readers of Speculative Fiction to become part of its Fellowship of Scribes. Scribes will be expected to post regular reviews—either of author review requests, or of the books they are currently reading. As well as reviewing, you'd be asked to share posts that I create on the Facebook page, to your personal profile, this helps to get us maximum exposure. Concentrating mainly on things like giveaways that I share and any posts I put out saying I'm open for review requests, interviews, or taking on new members to The Bearded Scribe team. Review books that are provided by the Author are free of charge.

Movie Reviewer: Do you watch a lot of Speculative Fiction movies? The Bearded Scribe is looking for Reviewers for any Speculative Fiction movie—new release or past.

TV Series Reviewer: With the current programming on television today trending on the Speculative Fiction side, The Bearded Scribe is hoping to add reviews of current SpecFic television series like Once Upon a Time, Warehouse 13, and Defiance to its review section.

Special Feature Writer: We currently have a couple Special Features on the blog, and we are always adding more.  If you'd like to write posts for a specific Special Feature or Series, please indicate which and what ideas you have for them.  Have an awesome idea for a series of posts that you feel would fit within the blog's content? Run it by me, and we can work together on its development, planning, and execution.

Other Fellowship Roles: 
Content Creator: Being a Content Creator involves the sharing of posts to your profiles to help gain maximum exposure. But you're also able to create posts for The Bearded Scribe Facebook page. You can share books, updates, covers you like, cover reveals, book releases, favorite authors, general chit chat, pictures, et cetera. Your role is to keep the page active and keep people interacting with the page. Content that I feel isn't relevant to the blog, or content that seems a bit risqué, will be deleted. This includes comments on posts, too. Excessive cases of this will warrant being removed as a Content Creator.

Terms & Conditions: 
Trial Period: I take people on for a month trial so I can see how you work within the team then decide where to go from there...whether you'd be better suited to a different role, you fancy trying a different role, and so on.

Team Facebook Group: When you become part of the team, you will be added to The Bearded Scribe group on Facebook. This is where I'll post the Review Requests from Authors. I'll give you a blurb, applicable links, whether it's an ARC (and which date you're allowed to post your review online) and any deadlines for the reviews, as well as to which formats the book in question is available. To "sign up" for a review request that's been posted, just comment on the post. If the review request is from me personally (as in a title or series I'd like to be reviewed for the blog), the request will be closed with one response (unless you'll be working with someone else on the review). If the review request is from an author, I'll note it; when that review request is closed, I then forward the names and email addresses to the author of all people who'd like a free copy of the book in return for their review.

In the group you'll also be able to see a lot of useful posts. We use the group for everything that goes on behind the scenes as well as getting to know each other and sharing our personal ventures. For example, you may have a blog post you'd like the team to see, you can share it within the group. If you need to contact me, you can do it in the group; if I'm not online, one of the other team members may be able to help you.

If you're not well, or have something come up in life and can't be around, just let us know in the group or message me privately. We're all here to help each other and work together as a team. It also helps me to know if there's a reason you're not around, as inactive members will be removed from the team, if you're inactive for a lengthy period of time (or not replying to messages I send). Unfortunately it will be assumed you no longer wish to be part of the team, and the group is strictly for the team members only.

Rules of Conduct: I have some basic rules to abide by: Be polite and be honest.  Rudeness toward any other member of the staff—or toward an Author—will not be tolerated. Polite and constructive criticisms are welcomed with all reviews, but rudeness isn't; if I discover a review you've left (whether the booking comes from The Bearded Scribe or not) that is anything less than polite, I will have to remove you from the team without warning. You must always be aware that you are not only representing yourself, but The Bearded Scribe, me, and the Fellowship as a whole. Always treat people with respect.

Incentives: Now that the team is building up nicely, I'm preparing to initiate incentives. These can be things like giveaways, competitions, or little prizes. It's all in the name of fun, so nothing too serious. I'll keep you updated about all of this in the The Bearded Scribe group on Facebook.

Content Guidelines: In order to become a Contributor, you must also agree to the following stipulations:
  • Editing. Understand that the content remains yours, but our team may edit grammar/spelling, if it is needed. 
  • Pictures. We publish almost every post with images, so you are welcome to send us images you think would best illustrate your article. Please make sure that we are allowed to distribute the image (through Creative Commons License for example), and that it is credited properly (author/source). If you prefer, we can also find relevant images for your post. 
  • Re-publishing. If you publish a post with us, it is still your intellectual property, but re-publishing of the same article is discouraged; every post should have unique content. (Some exceptions will be considered.) 
  • Hyperlinks. You are welcome to insert relevant hyperlinks into your post (but not too many); please note that we also reserve the right to insert hyperlinks into your post, wherever applicable. 

The main goal is to have fun and enjoy what you're doing.

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