Author & Publisher Promotion Information

Perhaps the most efficient way to reach our readers is to place an advertisement directly on the blog. We currently offer two sizes—250x300 pixels and 500x300 pixels—both of which are visible on every single page of the blog (regardless of which ones the user accesses).

We, at The Bearded Scribe, are more than happy to accept Review Requests from Authors and/or Publishers. Please note that we will be giving an HONEST opinion in the review—good or bad. We accept ARCs no later than one month before the book's release date so we have ample time to read and review the title. Please keep in mind that, if the book has already been released, it may take up to a month to read and write the review.

Other Promotion Options:
If you prefer not to wait for a review, but still want to promote your book, I am more than happy to do one or more the following promotional posts:
  • Guest Post: All you have to do is write a short post about any topic related to literature. The blog is all about writing, as well, so any post with writing advice, the writing process, the publishing process, the querying process, etc., would be preferred.
  • Author Spotlight/Interview: I send you a few questions, and you answer them. Painless and easy-peasy!
  • Book Blurbs/Blast: This type of post is just information about you, the author, and your book. A promotional blurb with cover art, site links, short bio, short premise blurb, and any additional material you wish to include. {Please note, all purchase links will be generated by the blog administrators.}
  • Excerpt: Just send me a small excerpt—no spoilers, please—to post either solo or alongside one of the three promotional posts above.
  • Cover Reveal: Clearly stated, this type of post will feature your fantastic, new cover for your latest title!
  • Book Release: Have a new title about to release? Let us help you broadcast the news over the digital ether.
  • Giveaway: These are always done through Rafflecopter and can be solo or go along with any of the above. You can either send the MOBI, PDF, or ePub file to us and we can distribute, or once the winner is chosen, their information is sent to you so you can send them a Smashwords coupon, Kindle gift, or a physical copy.
We can also offer one, some, or all of these Promotional Posts as part of a Blog Tour.  Blog Tours will reach a greater number and wider range/variety of audiences.

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