Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Saving Mars Giveaway!!

Morning Beardies!!

So, in addition to surprising me with a guest post, Cidney also donated a [eBook] copy of Saving Mars, her latest title which released mid-August, as a giveaway for the blog.  She also pointed me in the direction of Rafflecopter, a free website to organize and launch giveaways!

Below, at the bottom of the blog, you will find the Rafflecopter Widget in order to enter the contest.  There are several ways you can earn points for the giveaway--some mandatory and some not--such as "Liking" both of our Facebook Pages, Following both of us on Twitter, Tweeting about the Giveaway, Following The Bearded Scribe on Google Friend Connect, and more.

The Giveaway will run from September 12th at 12:01am to September 26th at 12:01am.  Both times are Eastern Standard Time.

This is my first time using Rafflecopter, so bear with me while I figure it out in more detail :)

Some entries have come through without the task having actually been completed.  Make sure when it says "Like" this Facebook Page, you are actually doing so before clicking the button at the bottom.  If there are any questions regarding the contest, please feel free to click on the TERMS & CONDITIONS at the bottom of the contest widget to access the email address in order to send your questions.  Or feel free to leave your question in a comment below.

Also, because I have been having issues with continuing to use Google Friend Connect as a basis of The Bearded Scribe's membership, I've decided to remove it as an entry option for the contest.  I've also decided to remove GFC from the Blog entirely because of the same glitches.

Again, this is my first time using Rafflecopter, so bear with me while I figure it out in more detail :)

Good Luck to All!


  1. The future winner of this contest is in for a HUGE treat. Saving Mars is in my personal-best list for this year, and I'm already drooling over the prospect of another book. Thanks so much, Cidney, for your generosity!

  2. Hi, Josh & Cidney!

    I'd like to thank you both for this giveaway, but I won't be entering the contest. The thing is, I prefer to read printed books, and can't stand ebooks. No problem, though -- this book looks very, very intrtiguing, so I'm off to Amazon to buy a copy!!

    Have a GREAT weekend, guys!! : )

    1. I feel EXACTLY the same way, Maria!! There's just something about holding a book in your hands and feeling the heft of the words within, the sound of crisp paper with the turn of each page, and the smell of ink and glue that holds no comparison!! And call me a biblio-snob, but to top this off, it HAS to be tradecloth--or a good reason for it not to be! :)

    2. I have to chime in on this e-reading discussion. I'm a librarian, so it's very prevalent in my life.

      I own a Kindle, but use it very sparingly...basically it's just another tool for me to use in my job, and I got it because so many people were coming into the library asking me how to use theirs--I had to learn. It makes a few things easier, like reading electronic advance reading copies (AKA eARCS) and indeed, we wouldn't have been able to be first reviewers for Saving Mars if I hadn't been able to access my copy on my Kindle, because I would have had to carry my laptop EVERYWHERE to make that deadline.

      That said, I will never, ever replace all my books with e-copies, because I love the physical rush that I get from holding a book in my hands. As a graduate student, I worked in the rare-books room at the university library, and I once got to hold a book in my hands that dated all the way back to the 1400s. I had to wear white linen gloves to protect the book, but it was such a sense of history, like I could feel every person who had ever handled it. In my mind I pictured the bookbinder who had originally put that book together--stitch-binding, not glue-binding. What was his life like? Did he have any inkling that some six hundred years later, that book would still be intact, be in MY hands? Did he INTEND his stitches to last that long? I stood there holding it in utter awe, and finally had to put it away because I was literally crying and didn't want to risk ruining it for future generations. Everyone, at least once in their life, needs to experience that awe.

      Now, in my private collection, and indeed in the library where I work, we don't have anything nearly that old. But when I get a book on my Kindle, I can't help missing the amazing feeling of coming home to a package on my doorstep and the thrill of opening said package (even though I already know what's in it). Click a button, wait a couple minutes, click another button, read...very anticlimactic. Also, my very favorite sound in the world is that which is made by a tradecloth binding being opened for the first time. It's the sound of a new beginning, a great adventure...a siren call that cannot be ignored.

      Bibliophiles of the world, unite.

      Soapbox moment off. A great weekend to all!

    3. Hi, Elizabeth!!!!

      OMG. EVERYTHING you've written here echoes my feelings exactly!! I LOVE printed books -- and yes, Josh, especially hardcovers -- with an obsessive passion! I can't stand even the thought of reading an ebook. Seriously. Everything you've mentioned, Elizabeth, I have felt when holding a printed book in my hands. And that RUSH...yes, I have felt it as well. Especially on Christmas morning, when I can tell, as I'm excitedly peeling the wrapping away, that one of these treasured objects is peeking underneath!! What a FEELING.

      I would like to refer both you and Josh to an article on my other blog (on which I barely post because most people don't seem to like reading nonfiction), which is named "MindSpirit Book Journeys". The post is titled "For the Love of Books". I won't include the link here, just in case this comment might go to Josh's spam folder. But I hope both of you do read it. In that article, I pour out all of my passionate obsession with physical books. You can access the article by simply clicking on my name, then clicking on the blog name when my profile comes up. Hope you guys enjoy!!

      Have a GREAT weekend!! : )

    4. Maria,

      Thank you for yet another wonderful comment, and I will definitely check out the article!

      If you don't mind, I prefer Joshua :) Just a strange pet peeve... I am a linguaphile in addition to being a bibliophile, and I love etymology. It is for this reason that I prefer Joshua, as the name comes from the Hebrew "YESHUA," which is where the Greeks derived the, albeit butchered, name "Jesus." I cringe every time I hear/read "Josh." LOL. In college, I would correct everyone by saying "ua" (finishing the name for them). A few of my friends started calling me Ua for this reason. My immediately family calls me Josh, and though I absolutely loathe the name, I forgive them for it because, despite my attempts to correct them, they will be hard bent to break the awful habit.

      Now, I guess I should step off my soapbox! :)

      I hope you have a great weekend as well!

      Joshua :)

    5. Oh, golly...I had no idea! Lol. Well, I will definitely refer to you as "Joshua" from now on! Sorry 'bout that! : )

      Thanks for taking a look at my article! Looking forward to your comment!! :D

    6. Don't worry too much, Maria. He's pretty tame--mostly bark, not a lot of bite, especially if you ply him with coffee. :) I love your blog and am going to stop by often! I admit, because of the demands of my job, I don't read as much of anything non-YA as I'd like, and couldn't be nearly as active here if Joshua didn't let me write about books in general and YA titles specifically. Nonfiction is a love of mine, though, because I never want to stop learning. I especially like history.

      Who am I kidding? I especially like books... :)


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